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Brocade vADC


Brocade vADC for Application Delivery Control & Scalability

Brocade vADC is a software-based application delivery controller (ADC) that delivers faster, more reliable access to public web sites and private applications. Brocade vADC has no constraints with regards to upgrading performance to meet customers changing needs. Brocade vADC runs in any physical, virtual or cloud environment; unlike other proprietary, hardware-based load balancers that often become a physical bottleneck over time.

The Brocade vADC product family is made up of the following:               Control, accelerate, optimise and secure               Sophisticated, application-aware, web application firewall

Why Brocade vADC?

  • It’s all software. Brocade vADC is designed for the cloud and portable for any application. Unlike most other application delivery providers who offer hardware load balancers or firewalls, Brocade vADC is all software, so it is better suited to any development and operations needs.
  • It can be deployed anywhere. Brocade vADC is the only software ADC that can be seamlessly deployed in private, public and hybrid clouds.
  • It’s proven and reliable. Thousands of customers run Brocade vADC ADCs in their data centres or clouds like Amazon, Rackspace and IBM.
  • It’s innovative. With new, advanced features like WCO (web content optimisation), organisations can do much more than just load balance their websites. They can also create a better experience and drive more revenue.
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