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Brocade Services Director


Why pay for ADC capacity you don’t need or use? The Brocade Services Director automates the deployment, licensing and metering of your application delivery services. It gives each of your applications a dedicated ADC instance, in a high-density multi-tenanted platform.

With this elastic deployment architecture, you can scale individual ADC instances up and down to match changes in workload. And with a new services enabling business model, you are in control of your costs. In fact, you can allocate the changes to each client application based on hourly metering to offer ADC-as-a-service to your customers and applications.

What Does the Brocade Services Director Deliver?

Scalability : The Brocade Services Director can manage the lifecycle of thousands of ADC instances under the same shared resourcing pool. With a high-level view of ADC utilisation across your data centre and cloud deployments, the Brocade Services Director helps you manage application delivery services across all your applications with a common resource model.

Agility : Deploy application delivery services in minutes, and exactly where needed to reduce time to market for new applications and services. Create new ADC instances on a per-application on per-tenant basis instantly, start and stop instances for service migration and even pre-provision ADC instances for even faster ‘instant-on’ services.

Control : Orchestrate Layer 7 services within a virtualised architecture, and integrate into your network and service provisioning systems with a powerful REST-based API. Comprehensive reporting provides intuitive point-in-time information on utilisation for service resources.

Reduced Costs : Optimise resources with enterprise-capacity management and usage model. Right-size your ADC services and save up to 50% in costs compared to fixed-capacity ADC instances. The Brocade Services Director tracks each instance and creates usage reports for monitoring and billing, and longer-term capacity planning: Enterprises can use this information to cross-charge to each business unit or application owner.

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