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Next-Generation Television Broadcast Hassle-Free, Cloud Based Technology

This advanced digital signage solution from Digital Media Projects Ltd (DMP) uses the latest cloud technology, which means it is low cost, with zero impact on the IT infrastructure within your organisation and no local IT security issues.

As the platform is hosted by DMP and no installation is needed, the whole system can be up and running almost immediately. The cloud-based nature of the technology means it is easily accessible from anywhere with internet connectivity, and because it is cross-platform it will run on Linux, Windows and Mac operating systems.


Signage Creation at Your Fingertips

Digital television is received by the unit and re-packaged for delivery over standard computer network infrastructure; CAT5 or CAT6 cable in most cases. It’s delivered, unmodified, to any PC, Mac and dedicated IP STB (such as DMP’s Immersion). This ensures continual optimum quality, right up to 1080p HD.

DMP has developed a signage tool for marketers. The creator is simple and powerful, designed with concepts familiar to Mac and PC users to make it incredibly ergonomic. There’s no need to install anything, just log on to the web-based platform with your unique username and password.

Using a familiar set of tools, it is easy to create great digital signage. The system has its own toolbox that focuses on providing close control of how a page looks, without complicating the process. Adding text and including HD video (live and pre-recorded, full screen or otherwise) is really easy. Plus, there is a great dynamic toolset allowing you to drop in external RSS feeds, text and image tickers.

The advanced animator function on creator allows you to animate any object; complete with key framing and tweening tools it is easy to produce impressive animations. Including video in your signage is also effortless. Upload any video asset, and the CMS will encode and upscale it automatically, ensuring results of the highest quality.

While signage is being produced, Creator generates accompanying live previews, showing how it will display on the screen once complete, giving you the ability to deploy with confidence.

Motive can be supplied with storage of up to 500GB, giving you the opportunity to seamlessly deliver your own channels alongside live broadcasts. This great feature allows you to promote products, advertise services, inform staff and customers, plus enhance your corporate image.

Deployment at the Touch of a Button

Most legacy signage systems require local uploading to PCs through a disk or dongle, this makes it logistically impossible to maximise the benefits of digital signage.

The cloud-based access to DMP’s Content Management System (CMS) allows organisation of playlists and site venues from anywhere in the world with internet connectivity. Content can be deployed and changed in minutes, to any screen or zone, at any location, allowing instant communication with your target audience.

Scheduling Made Easy

DMP’s system enables signage to be matched to specific areas of an organisation. Scheduled events and playlists can be generated, which enable the user to include video, and timetable it to run at specific times in specific locations. The CMS also includes a strict management system, where assigned users approve and deploy content created by colleagues. This ensures signage is never uploaded accidently, so your message will always be on brand, without mistakes.

Another key attribute of the CMS, is the detailed reporting system, which provides analytics and feedback of what is played at each end point and in each zone. This enables simple measurement of revenue from third parties using your screens for advertising purposes.

Next-Generation End-Point Equipment

DMP’s advanced signage platform is built around broadcast technology head-end equipment, rather than a PC-based solution. Its capabilities are akin to those on some of the greatest gaming devices on the market. CE4100 Series processors support graphics acceleration though PowerVR SGX530 technology, resulting in amazing animations and graphics. 3D video playback for enabled televisions is available, and Open GLES2 supports 3D games and graphics; a Flash plug-in also allows you to play Flash applications and video.

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