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DMP Media control Hub


Use Existing Infrastructure

DMP’s state-of-the-art uHDMS broadcast appliance is designed to provide digital television and video services to digital (DVB-T) decoders over standard coaxial cable infrastructure. It provides a signal compatible with existing (and future) DVB-T television services, which means that custom channels can easily be integrated into the standard mix.

High Definition Media Delivery

As the system generates standard DVB-T signals it is capable of broadcasting both standard and high-definition channels. No constraint is placed upon the encapsulated streams (other than implicit bitrate), therefore any MPEG profile can be included, from low-bitrate standard definition channels through to Blu-ray quality H264 content.

Easy to Operate

Operationally, the uHDMS DVB-T appliance will deliver multiple channels of standard and high-definition content to each and every television and decoder attached to the coaxial network, represented as simple digital Freeview channels.

Simple to Install

While the operational elements of the unit may be complex, connection to the coaxial network is extremely simple. The uHDMS DVB-T server can be considered as an additional aerial. The signal will simply be mixed with that of the existing digital aerial. Once the unit is connected to the aerial distribution system and the power is connected, it is easy to tune the television in digital mode to ensure your specific channels appear alongside other Freeview channels.


In the unlikely event of a problem with your uHDMS box, DMP will send a replacement unit within 48 hours, upon safe receipt of the original unit.

  • Three year guarantee*
  • 48 hour swap out*
  • Telephone support

*subject to service level agreement.

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