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DMP Motive


Next-Generation Television Broadcast

Motive from Digital Media Projects Ltd (DMP) enables multiple channels of live and pre-recorded digital-standard and high-definition television to be distributed over a standard computer network. It is a complete television broadcast system in one box.

DMP’s innovation is a next-generation television broadcast experience, providing capability to transmit up to 24 channels of high quality digital television directly onto existing computer networks.

Motive is available with up to six inputs per chassis (4 x DVB-T and 2 x DVB-S2) giving you the flexibility to build an unrivalled television service

The Highest Quality Television

Digital television is received by the unit and re-packaged for delivery over standard computer network infrastructure; CAT5 or CAT6 cable in most cases. It’s delivered, unmodified, to any PC, Mac and dedicated IP STB (such as DMP’s Immersion). This ensures continual optimum quality, right up to 1080p HD.

Motive can be supplied with storage of up to 500GB, giving you the opportunity to seamlessly deliver your own channels alongside live broadcasts. This great feature allows you to promote products, advertise services, inform staff and customers, plus enhance your corporate image.

Multi-Platform, Easy Integration

Motive is standards based which means it’s compatible with almost any IPTV device. PC, Mac and IP-STB work out of the box. The standard features you’d expect are all there: television guide, electronic programme guide including “now and next” and even essential IT related services allowing you to be up and running in minutes.

Master & Commander

Complete control is offered through Motive’s simple web-based administration portal, giving you absolute control over what is broadcast at every point. Remotely switch channels to allow entertainment and information, without missing advertising opportunities.

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