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Huawei Dorado


Huawei Solid-State Storage Solutions

Huawei’s Dorado range offers solid-state storage to customers requiring a high-performance, highly-efficient system with the ability to significantly reduce CAPEX and OPEX, particularly for companies faced with compute-intensive environments.

Huawei Dorado2100

The Dorado2100 series is a solid-state storage system that packs up to 24 solid-state drives inside a 2u rack. Not only does it fit easily into a standard rack, the Dorado2100 provides a maximum of 170,000 I/O operations per second making it an ideal storage solution for enterprise class market. With its advanced cache management and I/O scheduling algorithm to present superb performance, the Dorado2100 really is the most energy efficient, highly reliable and cost effective solid-state storage system on the market.

Huawei Dorado 2100 – Solid-State Storage Solution from Zycko

Huawei Dorado5100

The Dorado5100 is a FC-SAN solid-state storage system that was created to meet the demands of enterprises with large scale databases, high-performance computing, and VDI for high-performance and highly reliable storage. The Dorado5100 provides 1,000,000 I/O operations per second, whilst having significantly low power consumption (as low as 110 W/U) and a 16-speed intelligent fan speed control that reduces noise and power consumption. With easy interoperability with your current organisation architecture, the Dorado5100 benefits from as much as 90% annual power use reduction, 95% less server space and a simplified management system which supports both GUI and CLI methods.

Huawei Dorado 5100 – Solid-State Storage Solution from Zycko

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