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Premium Subscription Plan


Enhanced Experience for Every Person & Meeting Room

Every person and every meeting room in your organisation deserves to be video-enabled with the best communication tool available, Lifesize Cloud. With the Lifesize Cloud Premium Subscription Plan you can get an enhanced experience.

The Premium Subscription Plan provides you with access to many premium features, such as Skype for Business support, 40-way calling, the option to purchase Lifesize Cloud Amplify, and much more.

The Lifesize Cloud Premium Subscription Plan is perfect for organisations of all sizes, from small to global businesses that are looking for an enhanced experience with the most powerful communication and collaboration tool available.

With the Premium Subscription Plan every user gets access to the premium version of Lifesize Cloud, which is packed full of enhanced features on their laptop, tablet and smartphone, and every meeting room gets the Lifesize award-winning video systems connected to Lifesize Cloud.

Download the Lifesize Cloud Premium Subscription Plan data sheet here, to find out more information.

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