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Many legacy devices are still deployed within unified communications networks that lack the ability to accept power via their LAN input – a basic requirement of safe IEEE 802.3 standard PoE deployment. Such devices can only accept power through their DC jack while their RJ45 input accepts only data. Furthermore, such devices may only accept voltage levels below the standard’s 48 volts DC.

Paired with a Microsemi midspan, a Microsemi PoE splitter can deliver up to 30W of power to legacy and non-PoE devices over standard Ethernet cables. Simply install the appropriate splitter for your device’s power requirements near the end device – power can be split and delivered separately to the end device. 48V to either 12, 18 or 24V are available.

The Microsemi Redundant Power Supply (RPS) increases reliability for data, voice and video networks by ensuring reliable safe power for all PoE applications including VoIP, wireless LAN, IP security cameras, thin clients and other end terminals.

When connected to a compatible Microsemi PoE Midspan, the RPS ensures continuous full power operation and PoE delivery to all powered devices in case the midspan internal power supply or primary AC network fails.

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