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Multicode Transceivers


ProLabs Multicode Optical Transceivers

The ProLabs Multicode Optical Transceivers are designed to work with more than one vendor platform allowing customers to streamline their purchasing, stock expenditure and capital. It creates simpler forecasting, a reduction of SKU’s to be managed and consequent reduction of OPEX and TCO.

Product Benefits

ProLabs Multicode Optical Transceivers
  • Compatible across multiple networks and telecommunication brands
  • Single source 1 transceiver = 3 compatible vendors
  • Reduce time spent having to select multiple transceivers, eliminating confusion for you and your networking team
  • Reduction in your stock holding
  • Cost savings up to 70% compared to OEM brands
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 100% tested

Download the ProLabs Multicode Transceivers Overview here for more information.

Download the ProLabs Multicode Transceivers Infographic here.

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