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Talari Mercury T3000


Talari Mercury T3000 – Large Data Centre Bandwidth

With the capability to deliver up to 500Mbps affordably to corporate headquarters and large data centre bandwidth-needed premises, the Talari Mercury T3000 is able to easily communicate with other Talari devices, including the Mercury T510, Mercury T730, Mercury T750 and Mercury T5000 models. The Mercury T3000 comes as a 2U rack-mountable appliance in two different software configurations – the T3000H and the T3000L.

Talari Mercury T3000L

Talari’s Mercury T3000L has been designed for headquarter and large data centre bandwidth which supports up to a total of 240Mps (uplink + downlink) across a multitude of WAN connections.

Talari Mercury T3000H

Talari’s Mercury T3000H offers large data centre bandwidth which supports up to 5000Mbps uplink/500Mbps downlink (500Mps full-duplex) over multiple WAN connections.

The Mercury T3000L is able to be upgraded to the T3000H through a software upgrade, which in turn preserves investment for enterprise. Both the T3000H and T3000L run the same software as other Talari models, supporting large data centre bandwidth across private WAN links and public internet connections. Support is able to be provided for a vast number of branch connection and application flows whilst taking performance and scalability to the next level.

Talari’s Mercury T3000L & T3000H Feature:

  • Low cost resiliency
  • Geographic Redundancy feature
  • High Availability functionality
  • Continuous & accurate WAN health monitoring
  • Per-packet path selection for application continuity
  • Scalability
  • ​Ideal for large data centre bandwidth locations


Talari Mercury T3000 Large Data Centre Bandwidth from Zycko

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