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Talari Mercury T5000


Talari Mercury T5000 – Fast & Reliable DSL Load Balance

Talari’s Mercury T5000 2U range is designed to provide WAN reliability and a high bandwidth to larger data centres and call centres. Talari’s Mercury T5000 supports up to 3.0 Gbps full duplex and is augmented for voice traffic. A highly reliable solution for VoIP call centres and supporting gigabits of WAN bandwidth across private WAN links and public internet connections, the Mercury T5000 is offered in two different software configurations, the Mercury T5000H and Mercury T5000L.

Mercury T5000L

With data centres and call centres in mind, the Mercury T5000L supports WAN bandwidth aggregation of up to 1 Gbps ​uplink/1 Gbps downlink (1 Gbps full-duplex).

Mercury T5000H

The Mercury T5000H is designed for larger data centres and call centres supporting the aggregation of WAN bandwidth of up to 3 Gbps uplink/3 Gbps downlink (3 Gbps full-duplex). When looking to upgrade from the T5000L to the T5000H, you can be sure that your overall DSL load balance investment can be preserved as this comes as a software upgrade.

Mercury T5000 – DSL Load Balance Support

The Mercury T5000 range runs on the same software as all other Talari models and provides DSL load balance support for more branch connections and application flows. With a High-Availability functionality, where a Redundant APN Control Protocol (RACP) is able to detect a failure in the active appliance and switch over all functions to a standby appliance, the Mercury T5000 is ideal for enterprises looking to centralise more services within their data centres and effective DSL load balance supervision. Other features of the Mercury T5000 include the Geographic Redundancy feature, auto-sensing and four pairs of fail-to-wire ports for each device.

Mercury T5000H & T5000L Feature:

  • Low cost resiliency
  • Geographic Redundancy feature
  • High Availability functionality
  • Continuous & accurate WAN health monitoring
  • Per-packet path selection for application continuity
  • Scalability
  • Ideal for data centre and call centre locations

Talari Mercury T5000 DSL Load Balance from Zycko

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