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Talari Mercury T750


Talari Mercury T750 – Regional Data Centre Bandwidth

Talari’s Mercury T750 provides reliable regional data centre bandwidth, cost effectively delivering up to 180 Mbps across multiple WAN connections. Delivered in a 1U rack-mountable device, the Mercury T750 is able to communicate well with other Talari appliances including Mercury T510 , Mercury T730 , Mercury T3000 , and Mercury T5000 .

The Mercury T750 comes with the new Geographic Redundancy feature which is essentially an APN Client Node which can also function as a secondary Network Control Node. If a primary data centre should fail, the backup data centre is made operational with the Talari appliance acting as the Network Client Node (NCN) for APN.

APN Master Controller

Talari’s Mercury T750 is able to take the place of the APN master controller and central point of administration for client nodes. The NCN is responsible for establishing and utilising a Conduit with one or more Talari Client Nodes across the network. As the APN master controller, enterprise site-to-site communications are simplified and multiple Conduits are possible to numerous Client Nodes.

The Mercury T750, like the Mercury T730 , has the High-Availability functionality which eliminates the APN appliance as a single point of failure in the network through the isolation between two Talari appliances. This works by one of the appliances being allocated as the “standby” appliance which in turn monitors the other “active” appliance. If in the event of failure, the “standby” appliance will take over all APN services ensuring that regional data centre bandwidth is not compromised. Failure can be detected in the “active” appliance by using Redundant APN Control Protocol (RACP), which then allows the switch over of all functions to the standby appliance in a fraction of a second.

Talari T750 Features:

  • Low cost resiliency
  • Geographic Redundancy feature
  • High Availability functionality
  • Continuous & accurate WAN health monitoring
  • Per-packet path selection for application continuity
  • Scalability
  • Ideal for regional data centre bandwidth locations

Talari Mercury T750 Regional Data Centre Bandwidth from Zycko

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