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Tintri Global Center


A Storage Control Platform for Virtual Environments

The Tintri Global Center is a storage control platform that enables users to monitor, manage and control a huge number of virtual machines (VMs). More precisely, the Tintri Global Center allows management of up to 32 Tintri VMstore systems. That is up to 3.2 PB of capacity and 4.5 million IOPS, with room for more than 100,000 VMs.

As more and more organisations deploy virutalised or private cloud environments for business-critical workloads, it is now essential that IT managers have an infrastructure that can scale-out easily and predictably.

Complete Management for Virtual Storage

The Tintri VMstore is an application-aware smart storage solution that is designed with intelligence at the VM level. The Tintri Global Center elevates the benefits of this by delivering that same intelligence and control across a much wider storage environment, in turn making it much easier to scale-out and control mass storage, which is essential for larger enterprises.

Furthermore, when machines are not performing as they are meant to or if IT teams want to analyse storage growth, users can employ the storage control platform for in depth monitoring and reporting and therefore ensure optimum performance from their VMs.

As the web of VMs becomes larger and more complex, the Tintri Global Center is a great tool to monitor performance, easily scale-out and centrally control the entire environment.

Book the Tintri Demonstration Lab

Would you like to test Tintri Global Center? You can utilise Zycko’s demonstration facilities remotely or on site across Europe to test or demonstrate a vast range of Tintri’s storage solutions. To book your next demonstration, please visit the demonstration lab page here.

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